Drugshoppe is a Houston pharmaceutical company that researches and develops new preclinical drug candidates. We generate revenue by licensing our new drug molecules to Big Pharma companies at the preclinical stage, pursuing what has recently become the most common deal type used to acquire new therapeutics. We avoid performing enormously expensive clinical trials, and instead develop many new drugs in parallel to fill the rapidly growing market for research-stage therapeutics. We have shown we can develop new preclinical drugs faster and 10-100 fold more efficiently compared to prior institutional R&D methods.

Drugshoppe is led by its co-founders, President Erol Bakkalbasi and Chief Scientist Dr. Corwin Miller.

Erol Bakkalbasi is an inventor, R&D manager, and chemist with 10+ years of R&D experience focused on experimental therapeutics including both small molecules and biologics. He’s worked at 6 life science ventures in R&D and management roles, and has presented at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University. Erol holds a MS from the Baylor College of Medicine and a BS from Rice. Erol is an avid follower of modern rational drug design.

Dr. Corwin Miller is an inventor and world-class research scientist, with his 12+ years of research spanning a wide range of topics including antibiotics, RNA biology, and inorganic chemistry. Dr. Miller’s work has been published in journals like Nature Chemical Biology and The New England Journal of Medicine. He holds a PhD from Rice University and a BS from Sewanee. Corwin recently left his postdoctoral position at Yale University to start Drugshoppe.


At Drugshoppe, we strive to be a ethical “fair-trade” force within the industry, which we endeavor to reflect in our practices including those shown below