Drugshoppe is a pharmaceutical company focused on the early stages of drug development. We use a three-pronged approach to develop new drugs. First, we combine proprietary biology and chemical studies, including cutting-edge simulation, modeling, data analytics, and laboratory experiments to quickly develop new drugs at low cost. Second, we build and maintain a partnership network with industry and academic experts to access specialized expertise in high cost center areas such as synthetic chemistry and animal testing. Third, we work on many drug design programs in parallel, avoiding the risk of going all-in on any one drug. Together, this greatly reduces risk and enables our extraordinary drug development efficiency.

We generate revenue by licensing preclinical stage drug intellectual property to Big Pharma, working directly with them to ensure our projects match their needs. This allows us to offer pharma companies a portfolio of fully-developed drug candidates along with an easy licensing model, avoiding the large acquisition costs that typically encumber similar deals with small biopharmaceutical companies.

To date, we have already formed several research collaborations with institutions including Rice University, East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Echelon Biosciences, and ChemBridge. Our location in the Texas Medical Center in Houston has allowed us to recruit world-class talent, with our current Fellows having trained at Rice University and MD Anderson Cancer Center. In a pilot study, we have developed a lead antimicrobial candidate at 10-100 fold greater efficiency compared to recent institutional studies against the same biological target. These results exceeded even our own expectations, and represent an enormous opportunity as we expand our pipeline to apply our approach across many more projects.

We will have the ability to scale our pipeline to test through 16 – 32 projects each year, which is expected to generate 4 – 8 patent filings. We project that we can generate revenue within 2-4 years
 from up-front licensing fees alone, while still retaining a long-term tail from royalty payments. By contrast, typical early-stage pharmaceutical startups are focused on taking one or two compounds through clinical trials, requiring more than a decade to generate revenue and facing a high chance of each drug failing. Drugshoppe greatly reduces this risk by pursuing a portfolio model and a shorter development cycle, and is built to scale to meet the growing demands of this multi-billion dollar market.

Drugshoppe represents a transformative opportunity for pharma companies who need to drastically reduce R&D costs in a world where the low-hanging fruit has been picked, as well as for patients and investors who want to help invent new medicines. As a partner, Drugshoppe can enable university researchers to see their research make an impact in the world. We believe the time is ripe for a transformative new pharma business model, and invite you to join us in creating better medicines.